Unlocking growth

Architect of unique, value-driven
differentiators & differentiation.

Best value-driven differentiators and differentiation win.

Why some of the new products launched make it and others fail?

If you’re still looking for the answer, you are in the right place.

I help companies develop new high growth high profit products and services.

Through value innovation, the simultaneous pursuit of value for buyers and for business.

That is how customers earn markets, revenues and profits.

If it were easy, everyone would have done it.

To innovate is no longer a luxury, it's a do or die necessity.

Market shares conquered in years of marketing campaigns can vanish overnight.

You may get surprised when you least expect it.

A player you don’t even see today, will close your shop tomorrow.

How do you compete with “moving East” toward lower costs?

The hardest part is to know
what to innovate on and

That’s what I do.
I’m Dan Mocanu. I design value-driven innovation processes.
I help create differentiators and differentiation.

Product Design

Why would you innovate with me?

Everyone wants a strategy for profitable growth, but very few have it.

And even fewer have designed products and businesses for success.

Where does profitable growth come from?

From strategy and execution. It all starts with designing unique, affordable and irresistible products that offer a leap in value and create new markets. Where competition is irrelevant.

How do you design your strategy for profitable growth?

Together we can design the pathways to create your new product or service. With precise tools. Time tested and validated.

Apply Blue Ocean Strategy value innovation framework. Counter-intuitive. Look where your competition doesn’t. Do more with less. Offer high Value at low Cost.

Are you ready? Start.

You have a great team that could deliver more but doesn’t. Why?

Your team is like an orchestra. Is the repertoire uninspiring or the performance not so great or both?

How do you prepare your team to compose great offerings and deliver brilliant execution?

Since 2004, when I returned from the US I have helped hundreds of companies and organisations design and redefine their repertoire.

I coached couple of thousand top level performers design and deliver brilliant execution. With outstanding results.

For every Euro invested in working with me, my clients generated an average another 50. Minimum 10, maximum 120.

Unbeatable differentiation requires value innovation.
Create something new and wow at lower cost.

All memorable buildings or great enterprises started with great blueprints.

By working together we can architect the blueprint for your new offering: an unbeatable value for clients and for business that you don’t think about today.

How do you architect blueprints for profitable growth?

Over 20 innovative strategic moves with
global and national brands

Partial list of clients


Meet Dan

Dan is an explorer in possibility across the realms of business, software engineering, music, and physics.

As a coach, he is a catalyst for individual and team performance. 

As an organist he is a student of Bachs perfection.
At TEDx he redefined performance in business through performance in music.

As a value innovation architect he unlocks growth.

Dan is a Blue Ocean Strategy practitioner, and founder of Blue Zygote™ Innovation Think Tank, Leap Forward and TimePal®.

He ignited personal and business breakthroughs with over 200 local and multinational companies and a couple of thousands of executives and business owners.

The ROI of engagements are of at least 10 to 1, with cumulative additional revenue for clients of over $50 million.

Dan has lived for 17 years in the US where he worked as a software engineer and team lead at Microsoft in Redmond, WA and taught physics and science in colleges in Seattle.

Dan is the recipient of Her Majesty Margareta of Romania Custodian of the Crown Medal offered for innovation in entrepreneurship.

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