The Journey from...

low demand & high competition to
high demand & no competition.


An average of 14 out of 100 companies innovate in value.

Value Innovators generate at least 38% of total revenue and keep at least 62% of the industry’s profit

Get the mindset of pioneers and apply the Value Innovation framework to design strategy like Apple, Cirque du Soleil, UiPath or Duster.

What clients are saying

To generate growth in your business you need to create a new wave.

In a competitive market, that’s a very tough assignment. You work a lot for small gains and profits. To become a disruptive value innovator you need to redefine your business or even industry. You do a lot of marketing in a crowded market. Becoming a commodity blows up any budget projections.

The energy invested in the action plans seems to leak into black holes. You feel them, even if you don’t see them. You are motivating yourself to do better.

What did you miss?

Differentiators can disappear overnight

When you struggle with prices and promotions, any market share you win is small
and provisional. Sooner or later, someone else will offer what you offer now.

Real differentiation is to create new differentiators that are unique, unrepeatable, offering a real leap in value while simultaneously cut and reduce costly features that are a must for the industry and that buyers ignore. This kind of differentiation is very rare. In its absence, the future most likely looks like below.

The number of players in a few industries in Romania in 2021




Real Estate




Health Services









What competition looks like

(thanks to for the data)

IT Romania

# Businesses 19,995

Total Revenue 5.1 B€

Total Profit 667 M€

In the IT sector, the “miracle child” of economy,
3% of players generate 47% of the total revenue and
59% of the total profit


# Pharmacies 4,571

Total Revenue 3.18 B€

Total Profit 146 M€

In the Pharmacy sector,
5% of players generate 48% of the total revenue and
70% of the total profit

Medical offices
General practice 2019

# Clinics 2,653

Total revenue 220 M€

Total Profit 68 M€

Top 3% general practice medical offices generate
46% of the total revenue and
39% of the total profit

Medical offices
Specialists and surgery 2019

# Clinics 9,729

Total Revenue 1,4 B€

Total Profit 250 M€

Top 1% speciality and surgery medical offices generate
34% of the total revenue and
29% of the total profit

Innovation happens when you deliver something unique and wow. For buyers unaccounted for today.

Above you saw what crowded markets look like, with bloody head-on competition.

There are only two alternatives: to stay in a crowded market space, in a red pool, with small -if any- growth and profits, or to start the exploration and creation of new markets and leave the competition behind.

A few local value innovators are Vector, acquired by FitBit, Brainient, acquired by Tads, Talent Buddy by Udemy and eMag acquired by Naspers.

A few value innovators in health are Alphega in distribution and pharmacies, Bloomizon in dietary supplements, Aurora St. Luke Hospital in the USA in prevention of liver transplantation, Garbage Clinical Insurance, medical insurance in exchange for garbage collection in Indonesia and SkyTel, which offers virtual health care in America Latina.

All value innovators are creators of blue oceans and have high profitable growth.

It is very easy to be different.
But very hard to be better.

Jony Ive

What separates the innovators from the crowd?

90% of start-ups and new ideas fail in the first 2 years due to high production costs and lack of differentiation.

The 10% that are successful are not the result of a statistic, but rather a proof of good thinking by design from the beginning. Few new launches succeed because very few do the required thinking to offer something better for less.

Make competition irrelevant by offering affordable and unique leap in value to large masses of buyers largely ignored, or not even on the radar screen today.

Add the solution for a low production cost and you have the image of the most award-winning growth strategy of all time.

Blue Ocean Strategy is the ultimate way to look at and think about your product or service and your business.

Get on the court.
Find your blue ocean.

The iconic and award-winning Blue Ocean Strategy generated accelerated and profitable growth for companies like Netflix, Yellow Tail, CitizenM, Kimberly-Clark Brazil and WAWA.

The Blue Ocean mindset is transposed step by step into a method that you can apply in your business immediately.

Who's for

Aspiring entrepreneurs




What you get

Knowledge transfer

You’ll learn how to develop a Blue Ocean business idea.

Individual and group coaching

You will benefit from group energy and attention 1-1, keeping the discretion and confidentiality of your ideas.


Periodically, graduates of each program are invited to online working sessions on the concepts covered.

Dedicated online group

A community of entrepreneurs and executives with the same concern for new markets and results beyond what seems possible.

“Buddy” structure

You’ll have a partner in the program. Together you can support yourself in keeping momentum for innovation in your companies.

Course Support

You receive working materials and notes in digital format.

Diploma of participation

After each module you get a diploma attesting your participation in the program and going through the concepts of the Blue Ocean Strategy.

What to expect

In the program you will get the tools with which you can transform maountains of market analysis, strategies and action plans worked in tens or hundreds of hours of meetings and work on your own in one pagers X-rays. You will see your industry in a new way.

You will discover and test how to analyze markets and build winning strategies like the most innovative companies and start-ups with the fastest growth rates in the world. It’s a counterintuitive way of working that opens your way to unique differentiators and differentiation at low cost.

Key Stages

“To change the game you need to know the game”.

  • You will receive the tools to evaluate fully the performance of your offering against the competition. Then you’ll be able to pivot toward accelerated growth.
  • You will see the limits of the market and industry in which you are in and how they constrain your business growth now and in the foreseeable future.
  • You will distinguish the level of value innovation for your offerings and your competitors.
  • You will distil your strategy and value proposition into simple tag-lines by drawing your Strategy Canvas.

Your profitable growth is where your non-customers are.

Next, we will see together how to pivot toward blue oceans to identify today’s non customers of your industry.

All buyers in interaction with a product or service experience pains and dream of missing utilities not offered today.

The pain points push your buyers away from you and missing utilities keep potential buyers away from your industry.

Exploring first-hand your customers experience with your offerings and your non-customers alternative choices will bring you insights into meaningful differentiation that can make competition irrelevant.

In the “Exploration” stage you will:
• discover what your customers really buy;
• see what your sales strategy today;
• meet the key holders of the information that is critical to your differentiation and profitable growth beyond the traditional market research.

Then you will aggregate the results obtained in interviews in a map of “treasures”:
• that will show you precisely how far the key competitive factors established by the industry are relevant to the ocean of potential buyers;
• and where are the untapped opportunities growth.

Now you’re ready to jump into the ocean.

“Six Paths” will take you to your blue oceans.

You will go through each path to create 6-10 strategies that bring “wow” value to a large number of potential buyers at lower cost.

With your strategic moves you will:
• eliminate and reduce high-cost-low-value features and

• create new factors that offer a leap in value, ensure your uniqueness and create new markets, with no competition.

Fresh out of the lab, your strategy is concentrated in a single tagline that says it all. Now you  are ready to validate your ideas with your customers and non-customers.

Before you sail out to sea, you’ve got one more challenge to go through.

At the Strategy Fair you will get a reality check on and a rating of your strategies. You will put your existing customers and non-customers of today face-to-face with your new offerings to validate the leap in value or the lack thereof.

Now it’s time to deal with the other side of the coin..the price affordability and low cost of production, i.e. the “wow” value for the business.

Once you validated both the value for buyers and for business, you will be able to formulate the final strategy and the action plan to make the strategic move toward your blue ocean.

And finally lift the anchor!

Triple guarantee

If by participating -fully- in the program you will not transform you business and architect your own Blue Ocean Strategy, you will get your money back.


The iconic and world’s most award-winning framework for strategy.

Proven results

With hundreds of local and global entrepreneurs and companies in Romania.

It'll change your life

The skills you acquire in the program to create new value will also apply in your personal life.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Entrepreneurs: seasoned or just starting, who have a real stake to create new value and make competition irrelevant.
  2. The program will be useless for the employees-sent-by-the-company to look around and check out the training market, or for observers and the “feed-me” type.
  1. Confidentiality:
    • This program is open to all and its success rests on the ability of the participants to be authentic and free to create in a safe and trusting environment. All new ideas belong to the idea owners will be formally documented at the end of the program to ensure ownership.
    • You can participate authentically in the program and respect confidentiality at the same time: you will never be put in the situation to give sensitive information about your idea or your company. At the same time, it is a matter of honour to respect other participants confidentiality.
  1. Proprietary Materials:
    • The value innovation concepts presented in the program are the property of professors Kim and Mauborgne from INSEAD the creators of Blue Ocean Strategy.
    • The delivery and architecture of the process has been developed with substantial resources for research and development by Leap Forward in partnership with Blue Ocean Strategy.
    • By signing the agreement on Property of Materials you express your consent not to use the materials and concepts received in the program for commercial purposes.
  1. By participating in the program you will have access to the most recognized and award-winning strategy for accelerated profitable growth.
  2. You’ll see benefits from your participation in the program right from the start, you will discover perspectives that will open up new opportunities for action and results in business. To get to your own blue ocean you will need to put in a considerable effort to notice, think and observe. It’s up to you how quickly you get to your own blue ocean. After successful completion of the four modules you will definitely be in good direction.
  3. Those who want to ensure the success of their strategic move continue with 1-1 individual or team coaching sessions.

Yes! This program can be offered to companies. In this case the program shifts from educational to a consulting intervention. If you are interested in such a program, please contact me directly for details.

Participation Diplomas are awarded to participants who did all the required work and participated to all the modules

Graduation Diplomas are awarded to participants who went through the full Blue Ocean Strategy process and who designed and formulated at least one blue ocean strategic move in their industry.

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