What would you like to work on together?

Profitable growth.

The team to get to it.

Or both.

A new offering that conquers the market with the minimalist elegance of an iPhone

A team that harmonizes with the precision and finesse of an orchestra.

A new game (for a dream that already exists), wherever you may find yourself in any of the groups below as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur.

1. Aspiring entrepreneurs / New Product Design

Have an idea and want to turn it into a business?

How do you avoid the head-on battle for a sliver from the same market as your competition? How do you pivot toward a blue ocean, to create a new market where you’re unique?

3. Scale-ups / New Product Growth

You launched your new concept a while ago and are ready to make it big.

You want to become the game in town, country or the world. Do you have the game for that? Do you have a solid business model  with high growth high profit offerings? How do you avoid the risk of building big muscles that bring little value? You need to innovate in both: your offering and business model to create your own blue ocean, and make competition irrelevant.

2. Start-ups / New Product Launch

Do you have an idea and just launched it as a new business?

If so, you have already made a capital choice: to be a better version of what is or be unique. To be one of the many in a crowded market or to create your own market, your own blue ocean and make competition irrelevant.

4. Corporations / Portfolio Redefined

Have you been in the market long? You are well-known and respected, but with the good old days of high growth passed?

You’ve grown as much as you can, in the constant struggle with competition, now you’re making small growth and profit and are hoping for better days. Maybe you want your mojo back and are ready to redefine yourself. To create something new that will take you out of the rat race of beating the competition to having no competition.

How we can work together


I want a project just for my company

You want a new strategy for profitable growth. A new product to add to your portfolio. Improve in a smart way on what you already have. Your answer to the market challenges. Your footprint in the industry. Your in-house innovation process with your own team. Let’s talk…


I want to work with like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs

You want to work together with like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners in your industry to have your own private Think Tank in a safe and productive environment. You want to redefine yourself and maybe the industry. To create high growth and high profit offerings with no competition. And maybe… make some nice money by auctioning your new ideas to the big guys with money and no time to innovate? Let’s talk…


I want a one-on-one exploratory meeting

You want to make a change and you want a good start. A one-on-one complimentary exploratory session to get to know each other and understand your need is the first step. Let’s talk…

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