LEADERSHIP How much does the lack of performance cost your company?


Statistics show that 13% of employees excel, 63% do not meet performance targets and 24% actively sabotage the results. (Gallup, 2013).

 With “In the Bowl or in the Ocean?” (IBIO) you have created markets with no competition.

With LEADERSHIP you create with the team.

After a method appreciated by Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan School of Management and Applied largest 500 companies in the worlde.


A clear, x-ray like picture, of the organizational culture today, of how things get done at each level of leadership;

You will discover and activate the natural way of being a leader, of engaging the disengaged with a significant leap leap in motivation and results;

A common language to dissolve organizational, team and individual barriers and breaks and build alignment and coordinated actions for results;

Transformation of the organization from a hub around the Business Owner / CEO as the central node, to a network of autonomous leaders with entrepreneurial spirit;


This is a 2 day program, from 09:00 to 17:30.

You will have access to the most efficient and effective operating system for engage people and elevate leadership performance at all levels. 

You will receive individual coaching, notes and materials in digital format, and a certificate of program completion and participation.


Your company’s results depend solely on the activities and actions taken or not by each member of your team, by each employee.

1) Engagement and Performance are the exclusive result of the actions and activities or lack thereof of each individual in a team, or leadership level. 

2) The approach is simultaneous and multidimensional, impacting all layers of leadership and management in an organization at once.

3) The cognitive and behavioural aspects of leadership are irrelevant in this pioneering approach.


“After two working sessions of two days each, the two founders and their management team have formulated the strategy for the next years. The results showed up in record time: in the first nine months the number of students increased by 40% after 7 years of stagnation. Only two years after the program they finished the campus. The College is today the most popular school in Romania and in the top 4 best Cambridge Schools in the world. “

– Simona Baciu, Founder, Transylvania College.

“A Romanian company that provides property and facility management services for office buildings – became a national player in one year and doubled its number of employees to 500 and it turnover to € 10 million. “

– Lucian Anghel, CEO, BSS Building Support Services

“A family business of 11 years, a distributor in the automotive industry with nearly 30 employees – increased individual average performance over 100% . It is very likely within a year to double its turnover at € 3 million. If in the past recruting was a problem because “there are no quality candidates left in the market,” now are flooded by quality candidates who want to join the CMJeler team. The quality of life of the team and their abundance go hand in hand. “

– Cristian Jeler, Owner, C&M Jeler

“After completing this course, the “poor us, let’s make it through the day” kind of conversations stopped. People have learned that no one pays attention to them when they complain, but rather when they are independent, thinking on their own and finding their own solutions. My husband and I, we have more time to think about the future of the business and about ourselves. Before, we were too caught up in the day-to-day operations, to put out the fires. And one more thing: everyone has dreams that he/she have not verbalised or put them into practice. We found the courage to put our dreams into action and stopped having our entire life revolve around the business. “

– Mirela Jeler, Owner, C&M Jeler


For whom is the Leadership for?

How can I get the maximum value from my participation in the course?
Why do I have to sign the Confidentiality and Proprietary Materials agreement?

Can I bring this program to my company?
How fast can I see results? Are 2 days enough?
What does the diploma entail?

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