Are you one of the many, or have no competition? IN A FISHBOWL OR IN AN OCEAN?®


Out of 100 new company launches, 86 improve more or less the existing offer, only 14 innovate creating pioneer products and services are game changers.

The 14 innovators bring 38% of the total revenue and take over 62% of the total profit

How do pioneers differentiate? What’s their secret?

90% of Startups fail in their first 2 years due to high production costs and low differentiation.

You can be one of the 10% successful ones. Successful businesses are off to a good start.

Competition becomes irrelevant if you offer exceptional and unique utility to a large mass at an affordable price.

Add to that a way to have high volume at low production costs and and you get the most awarded business growth strategy of all time.

Blue Ocean Strategy is a new way of thinking about your own business.




In the IT sector, the “wonder child” of the economy, 5% of the players generate 84% of the total revenue and 63% of the profit.

Top 50 pharmacies out of 4,534 generate 60% of total revenue and 50% of total profit.

The top 25 medical general practice offices of 2,046 generate 40% of total revenue and 20% of total profit.

The top 25 medical specialty and surgical clinics of 4,591 generate 55% of total revenue and 15% of total profits.


These are examples of bloody red oceans.

Very few are pioneers or have become “trendsetters” or global players or have made a spectacular “exit”. These include Vector – acquired by FitBit, Brainient Teads, TalentBuddy by Udemy and eMag de Naspers.

In the health sector, there are some pioneers including Alphega in the distribution and pharmacy area, Bloomizon in the food supplement area, Aurora St. Luke from the US in the area of Liver Transplant Prevention, Garbage Clinical Insurance, medical insurance in exchange for garbage collection in Indonesia and SkyTel that provides virtual medical care in Latin America.

The vast majority of companies have small growth and profits.

I accelerated growth with



Do you want to have your own business and maybe you already have an idea?

How do you avoid the head-on competition in the same market in the bowl? How do you head toward a blue ocean of new markets, in which you are unique?


 Are you about to start your own business, or maybe you already started it?

You have already made a capital choice: in the bowl or in the ocean? Do you share the same market with your competitors, or are you creating your own blue ocean free of competition?


You started your business a while ago and are in full swing. You are concerned about becoming more important than your competitors.

What is your game? To be a big player in a limited market or create your own blue ocean, where competition is irrelevant?


Have you been in business long? You are a well known and respected player, feeling that the good old days seem to have passed.

You grew as much you could in a relentless, head-on competition. Now you reached low growth and low profit but still hoping for large volumes.



You will develop a “turnkey” Blue Ocean business idea.



You will benefit from the group synergy and 1-1 attention while keeping your ideas discrete and confidential. Webinars | Online Community | Buddies



Receive course materials and notes in digital format.



After each module you will receive a certificate of participation.

The Journey to Blue Oceans

#1 - Visual Awakening: How blue is your ocean?
#2 - Visual Exploration: Find the hidden treasures in the ocean and in the fishbowl
#3 - Visual Creation: The Ocean
#4: Visual Communication: Capturing the Ocean


“I spent tens and hundreds of hours in meetings with auditors about who the key customers are and how to find their needs. This cost me probably a few hundreds of thousands of euros! But in all these years, no one asked the questions that Dan did. Questions with the power to reshape and rethink reality. I saw something that was there for a long time, but eluded me so far.”

– Gina Calagiu

“I just became an entrepreneur and am supporting myself from my piggy bank, but I would have paid even double for Dan’s workshop. The value that I got in these two days exceeds anyway the course fee. Blue Ocean Strategy is not only my way develop my current and future businesses, but also a form of a day-to-day way to organize myself.”

Alexandru Radu

“The workshop opens your eyes and mind to a totally new paradigm, a new way of seeing the industry in which one operates and, more so, discover unsuspected dimensions for business potential for everyone involved in the game. Just like riding a bicycle, once you get balance, you never forget it. Once you look at your business and your industry through Blue Ocean Strategy you can not go back to looking at things from the old perspective that is – all to common and with very low ROI. “

– Gabriela Munteanu

“During the two days I thought only about how to apply the method in the company I run. After I completed the workshop, I wanted to buy it for my husband. He is thinking for a long time make a change in career and I think it might refocus him on the fly, without the need for a rest period.”

– Daniela Munteanu

“In Dan’s workshop I understood that if I really want to have my own business, I have to change how I think and act. If I do so or not or if I can do this or not, it is only up to me.”

Angelica Procopie


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